Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St Germain's paved bike trail - new construction photos

Our friend, Walter Geist, took another bicycle ride to explore the new construction of the east leg of the Heart of the Northwoods Bike Trail in St Germain.  The paved trail is now being expanded from downtown eastward past Rustic Manor and out to Highway O. 

We are looking forward to next summer when we'll be able to hop onto the paved bicycle path and ride all the way north through Sayner and on to Boulder Junction and if we're still filled with energy ride back around to Arbor Vitae!

We will surely continue to offer our rental bikes from the hotel.  Biking enthusiasts -- please let us know what's important to you so we can customize a biking experience for you in the future!   

Click for Nov 16 Bike Trail Photo Highlights
by Walter Geist


  1. WoW! I'M so Happy for the new bike extension. I stay at the east side of town and will no longer have to brave the traffic on 70 as I make my way to the wonderfull trail. I'd like to thank everyone who had a part making this trail system possible. Mario

  2. There is a town committee that Mark Hiller has been instrumental on. It has been a huge effort that is finally paying off! We are all excited to see the construction begin and know the safer and more scenic route will be welcomed next season!